Hey, sorry to message you again. It could have been my tumblr bugging out but I don't think I heard back from you whether you would take on the comic commission. If you needed to me to resend details (or give me details) just let me know. Thanks!

I’m holding off on new comic commissions right now. That last one really took a lot out of me so I’ll need some time before I can accept any new ones. Plus, I have a personal comic I need to update.

Commission from Dasher

Commission from Dasher

Are you gonna do a 3rd hot room that crosses between the first and second one?

The next one I had in mind takes place after the second.

I'm very interested in a commission and decided to ask for one. So how should we send you the details? And what kind of style do you draw/specialize in? (Pony, antrho, human)

I specialize in pony and anthro (not just ponies anthros). Have yet to practice in human. And details can be sent over skype or through the ask box or fan mail.

Finally finished the comic commission!

Download zip here

Diamond Tiara based off Mistress Diamond Tiara Riche The 3rd's avatar

Uh, didn't you have a commission option for a 10 page comic for $30 or something at some point?

Yes. It’s on the commission/request info.

Hey there! I hope things are going well :) I'm just double checking that your commissions were still open, I'd like to get either a single or comic (if you had the time/space) commission of an OC and Twilight if possible. Thanks for your time!

Send me the details and I’ll see if I am able to squeeze it in somewhere.

Added something to the commissions/request info

"Try to make commissions or requests that conform to the style of this blog. I will most likely show no interest in commissions that are outside the theme I’ve set."

This should help people better understand my willingness to take certain commissions. Usually the quality of a finished commission tells whether I enjoyed drawing it or the concept was boring.

Commission from Cythis