Commission from Da0Krager (Can’t remember the tumblr blog url atm). I’m pretty sure everyone knows Golden Ticket.

Can i ask for another comic?

Sure. Give me while to get some other commissions out of the way first.

They are fucking casuals or afraid of or intimidated by developed girls or something.

Comic Price Adjustment and Request Options updated

Adjusted the price on the comic because I don’t like the idea that a 10 page comic costs $50.00, way over the price of your average mass produced comic with more pages. So I made the prices more affordable where now 10 pages cost only $30.00.

And I added that I will do light BSDM/Dominatrix. Stuff like rope play and ball gags or just the concept at most. Nothing extreme.

Thank you very much. :) Have an Happy Easter (or a great Sunday, if don't celebrate Easter)

Happy Easter to you too :)

I thought I made a download for this already.

Can you also put (if you didn't do that already) a downloadable version of the text version of Soaked?

I think that what that person meant. I thought I made a download for it. Going to make one now.

are you going to do the Soaked text package as well?

Already did. They appear below the non-text version in the soaked tab.

Do you have a furrafinity or a DA?

I have both but I only use my FA to see mature images. I don’t upload there.