Have you drawn Internet Explorer pony? Or Safari pony? Or GoogleChrome pony? Or Firefox pony?

Only IE because they followed this blog. The others I will not draw with permission which I doubt they will okay with it.

Sorry about taking longer than usual to finish commissions.

I’m pretty much frantically trying to pick out which commissions to do next. Just about all of them will take a long time to do due to what I have to draw. And on top of that, trying to work between them and my personal comic which a 7PM, I drop what I’m working on and work on the comic till bedtime, trying to get the first episode out ASAP And with my unbalanced work schedule, I usually don’t get home till 5-6 PM. So sorry for the long wait.

Updated list.

Now it’s even bigger

undeadpreist (DeviantART)
Sapphie Eye Rarity

//$3 Bases———————
Satchel Charge

I hope I got everyone.

So for commissions, do I just ask here or through skype or what?

Either one. Skype is more convenient though.

so for payment it's either paypal or i just pay the equivalent of a two or more comic pages?

Paypal for now. I have to update the payment button.

Commission from ask-satchelcharge

I'm guessing Humans wouldn't work for the base stuff, eh?

It would. But it’ll cost $5 since I’d have to change the ears and hooves and in most cases, the nose.

All that for $3?

Yes. Coloring and shading included.

How much would it be or something like that?

They are all $3.