Commissions from ask-satchelcharge

Commissions from ask-satchelcharge

what about Human OCs?

Humans are just anthro’s with feet.

Is she chubby , pregnant , or that's how you do characters now? That plump just kills the hype of finally seeing that pic for me...

Just chubby and fluffy.

do you do drawing requests of people OC's


Got that out of my system. (Not really…)

Request by

Original request was #3. #1 and #2 for breaking the norm =P

Request still open?


you doing commissions still if so do you do oc's or characters from the show only?

I do everything except what’s on my don’t list.

aegisofz's request.

Working on one of the requests. No mic tonight.

Tis a shame everyone is asking for a request of their OC's since I was gonna request something silly like Raricow but with Celestia :p

What’s stoppin’ ya? =P